Farm funding is a headache. We make it easy. FarmRaise organizes your financial information into one profile that seamlessly connects your farm with the best financial resources.

Meet Sami, your farm funding advisor

We scan hundreds of farm funding programs so that you don’t have to

We’ll be on the lookout for funding opportunities that meet your operation’s needs. As new funding programs open, we send you an alert so that you don’t miss out on a dollar. You can expect to hear from us at least biweekly with updates on farm funding, market analysis, tax credits, or USDA policy.

Welcome to your farm funding support team

Schedule 1:1 sessions with the FarmRaise team to talk through your farm funding goals, double check a grant application, or review your business plan. We’ve got your back.

Try our simplified farm funding application

This summer, we’re launching a common application for farm grants and loans. Today, we partner with farmers to streamline the application process for farm credit and FSA loans. Say goodbye to paperwork and jargon as we organize your financial data so you can put your best foot forward.

FarmRaise gets results

From a $40K FSA loan for a Virginia CSA producer, to a $12K direct assistance grant for a large California rancher, FarmRaise is getting farmers results! We’ve matched over 400 farmers with funding opportunities to date. You could be next.

No-risk, high-reward

It costs just $20 per month to use FarmRaise, and you can cancel anytime by emailing

We do charge a fee if you decide to accept a loan through FarmRaise (we charge a $1500 fee for loans over $100K and $500 for loans over $50K). We charge the loan fee if – and only if -you choose to take the loan. FarmRaise only gets paid if you do! We don’t charge this fee for cost-share.