Source: USDA

Growers innovating and adding value to their products should consider a Value Added Producer Grant. Value additionality can be achieved through a physical change (i.e. processing grapes into wine), a new marketing or production strategy (such as grass-finished or Organic Certification), through converting natural resources into energy onsite, or by connecting with local buyers to improve local supply chains. Farmers can apply for planning grants (with a maximum award of $75,000) to research the feasibility of a value-add innovation or for working capital grants (with a maximum award of $250,000) to fund the processing or marketing of their value-improved product. Every grant requires a 1:1 match of non-federal funding identified at the time of application, and up to 25% of matching costs can be accounted for through the producer’s own project involvement (NSAC, USDA Rural Development). Application deadlines depend on the area in which you live. If you want to learn more about VAPG in your area, or if you want assistance developing your narrative for your application, please book a consultation with our team today.