Southern SARE

Southern SARE operates under the cooperative agreements of University of Georgia, Fort Valley State University and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Southern SARE supports sustainable agriculture efforts in 13 states and 2 U.S. territories. Southern SARE funds several different competitive grant programs, and each type of grant benefits a specific target audience. Each year, Southern SARE invites applicants to submit proposals for grant opportunities. SARE grants are open to farmers/ranchers, researchers, educators, graduate students, government agencies, community groups, non-profit organizations, NGOs, and agribusinesses

  • Producer: This program was established in 1994 to give farmers the opportunity to conduct their own research projects. The competitive research grants program is intended to help farmers and ranchers develop sustainable production and marketing practices. The goal of the grant program is for farmers/ranchers to conduct projects to solve challenges and problems they face, and develop information on what works and doesn’t work so that other farmers and ranchers facing those same problems can benefit from the results of the funded project. Awards are up to $15,000 for individual farmers, and $20,000 for a farmer organization. Projects can be 1 to 2 years in length. Applications open in September and are due in November.