Ready to invest in your operation for the next generation? FarmRaise offers affordable, 1:1 appointments to explore and unlock funding options that will make your farm more profitable and sustainable.

How does it work? You fill out a quick quiz beforehand to tell us about your farm and your goals. We’ll then meet with you by video chat or by phone for 45 minutes. We will use this time to explore grant and loan options for your operation, to help you with application paperwork, or to talk through any questions you may have about these programs.

How much does it cost? We charge an affordable $15 per 45-minute consultation.

Are you qualified to advise me? Our team has experience working at the USDA, in agriculture finance, and operating a farm. We’ve organized a database of funding opportunities and will find the best options to suit your needs.

How do I schedule a consultation? Click the blue button below to sign up for a meeting, and we’ll be in touch.

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“You guys are providing a great service … I’m really excited for this model you’re creating to make funding easier. It’s up to our generation to work together to fill all the voids. You’re definitely filling a big one.”

-Rancher, Southern California