Iowa Conservation Cost-Share

Description: Iowan farmers interested in conservation agriculture can apply for funds from the Iowa State Department of Agriculture’s pool of conservation cost-share dollars. The funds are available through local Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs). Funds can be used to implement conservation practices like terraces, grade stabilization, grassed waterways and cover crops, among others. In 2019, 978 Iowan farmers received cost share from this pool of funds to implement conservation practices.


Type of funding: Cost-Share

Type of application: Information not currently available

Program focus area: Conservation

Maximum award amount: Information not currently available

Average award amount: $6,646 per farm (with a 1:1 match from farmers bringing the total award per farm to $13,292 in 2019)

Deadline to apply: Continuous

Application acceptance rate: Information not currently available

How to apply: If you’re interested in this program, contact our team at or set up some time with us during our free office hours to discuss next steps.