We start with EQIP

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary, conservation program that provides technical and financial assistance to help you invest in your operation through improving your farm’s infrastructure, soil health, water and energy efficiency, and biodiversity. We focus on EQIP as a starting point because 95% of farmers are eligible, though only about 15% actually use the program.

Goodbye paperwork, hello farm funding

We’ve helped farmers apply for millions of dollars in funding, and we want to partner with you, too!

We've reduced a 36 hour process to just 15 minutes

When a farmer applies for financial assistance today, they spend hours researching their eligibility and navigating stacks of jargon-packed paperwork. FarmRaise eliminates admin and uncertainty through a simplified online app.

Some examples of projects you could get funding for:

Cover Crops

Get paid to reduce soil erosion and increase soil health


Receive financial assistance for new fencing installation on your land to promote improved land management practices

Water Infrastructure

Get funding for upgraded watering and irrigation systems to grow your farm efficiency and profitability

Applying can be confusing and time-consuming, so we've developed a digital tool to streamline your funding application process

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3 ways to make your EQIP application more successful

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