What’s the best soil carbon market for me?

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Carbon markets help producers get paid for the carbon they store in the soil through practices that increase soil health, reduce soil disruption, lengthen the growing season, and more. These practices generate carbon credits that can be purchased by large companies wanting to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many different carbon credit programs with different criteria, pricing, and contract lengths. As part of FarmRaise’s ongoing effort to shed light on the carbon market for farmers, we have compiled a simplified table where you can easily compare carbon market programs. 

Many of these programs are in their pilot stage and have not released all of their information. We will continue to update this table as more information becomes available. Make sure to keep checking back! Join FarmRaise Premium to stay up to date on funding programs, including carbon markets, and gain access to office hours with our farm funding team.

See the comparison table here

(updated 9/2/2021)

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If you are a carbon credit program and want to be included in this table, please send an email to jaya@farmraise.com.

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