Resources for Your New Regenerative Farm

Regenerative agriculture means pairing your production agriculture processes with practices that improve soil health, protect waterways, and ensure the long-term sustainability of your farm. It keeps your farm healthy while you keep farming.

But getting started with regenerative agriculture can be a daunting prospect, especially for beginning farmers. Use these steps and resources to cover your bases on your new regenerative farm!

Create your Conservation Plan

A conservation plan lays out the practices you’ll take to convert your farm to a productive, regenerative system. It includes the specific practices and timeline for implementation. A conservation plan may cover two to ten years of steps in your regenerative farming journey.

  • Ask your local university extension office for resources and workshops on regenerative farming practices
  • Connect with other farmers in your area by visiting your local farmers market or calling your local cooperative to learn what works in your area from farmers who’ve been at step one
  • Collaborate with the experts at FarmRaise to get a customized conservation plan that matches your vision and goals for your regenerative farm

Identify your Regenerative Farm Funding Options

Financing your farm is equally as important as deciding how you’ll manage it. Grants, loans, cost-share, and other innovative finance solutions are out there to support your big ideas.

Create your Business Plan

Your business plan will outline your farm business vision and mission, how you will market your products, and cashflow projections. Your business plan will encompass the conservation plan and funding options you already identified.

Launch your Regenerative Farm!

If you’ve made it this far, it is time to put those plans in action and start farming! Whether you’re converting your family’s century farm to a regenerative system or processing your excess homestead bounty into locally available goodies, congratulations. You are on a rewarding journey and we are cheering for you!

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