Not Your Traditional Farm Credit: 3 Innovative Farm Funders

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“There has to be some organization out there that loans to farmers who are doing things a little differently. What organizations fund farmers like that?”

Farm funding isn’t one-size-fits all, which is why it’s important for farmers to have choices when it comes to farm credit. At FarmRaise, we’re scouring funding programs across the U.S. for farmers and are excited to highlight some non-traditional sources of farm funding that every producer should know about.

Get Flexible Financing with Harvest Returns

Are you open to partnering with investors by giving them an equity stake in your operation? Are you an experienced farmer aiming to purchase more land and expand, a beginning farmer struggling to access capital, or an operator of Controlled Environment Agriculture? Harvest Returns provides flexible financing through equity investments on their crowd funding platform. Learn more here.

Fund Your Regenerative Practices with Steward

Steward lends to farmers who are investing in soil health, clean water, equitable access to local food systems, and sustainable or regenerative practices. How to apply? Farmers can submit loan applications directly through the company’s “Crowd Farming” platform. Steward is committed to scaling resilient agriculture by partnering with the producers who are building this paradigm, and their mission and commitment is resonating with a growing cohort of sustainable producers. Learn more.

Revenue-Based Payments for Organic Transitions with The Perennial Fund

Are you a farmer transitioning or aiming to transition to organic practices? Mad Agriculture’s Perennial Fund is pioneering a new paradigm of lending that meets organic transitioning farmers exactly where they are. This fund offers flexible financial terms, including a “pay what you can” model for transition years, revenue-based repayment plans, and loan deferrals during tough years. Did we mention that partnerships include free business planning and financial training from the Mad Agriculture team? You can dig into the details here.

Stay tuned for more updates on farm funding to watch. Have a great week, FarmRaise readers!

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