Introducing FarmRaise

We’re scaling vital farming communities

What is FarmRaise? 

FarmRaise is a one-stop-shop for farm funding. We connect farmers to grants, loans, cost-share, and investment opportunities. 

How does FarmRaise work? 

  • Farmers take a 2-minute quiz -the most comprehensive and accurate eligibility tool for farm grants out there  -to get matched with top federal funding programs. 
  • We track over 350 U.S.-based funding programs and send regular updates to our subscribers so they never miss out on a dollar of grant money. 
  • Farmers can easily apply for funding through a portal that produces competitive applications for top grant and loan programs. We’ve reduced a process that used to take farmers days or weeks to less than 30 minutes. 

Try us out for $20 per month! You can cancel anytime by emailing Learn more here.

Why now? 

Farmers asked for a “TurboTax for farm funding”. So we built it.

The average farmer applies for funding at least once per year.  This process is riddled with paperwork, uncertainty, and stress for the producer.  There’s no one place the farmer can go to check their eligibility for different funding opportunities or explore rates and terms across funding options. Because producers spend their day in the field, they have little time, energy, or bandwidth to deal with this administrative burden. 

As a result, only 15% of farmers take advantage of USDA cost-share programs, and mid-sized farm operations – critical to supporting resilient, localized food systems – are shrinking. 

Who uses FarmRaise? 

There are thousands of farmers in the FarmRaise community. These producers range from mid-sized, diversified row-crop farmers in the Midwest, Texas, and Virginia to container farm producers in New Jersey, to legacy ranchers in California, to young farmers in Colorado. The common thread that unites our community is a commitment to on-farm innovation, savvy business operation, and smart growth. 

What’s the FarmRaise vision? 

By improving financial access, FarmRaise helps producers grow their business with confidence and operate competitively. We are working to tear down barriers that underrepresented farmers faced for decades. We are making it easier to access capital for soil health practices -like cover crops- that can boost the profitability of a farm operation while improving natural resources. We estimate that at scale, FarmRaise can sequester 540 metric tonnes of carbon by unlocking soil health funding.  At FarmRaise, we are scaling vital farming communities that are profitable, equitable, and ecologically resilient. 

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