Food for Thought Blog Series: Weekly Ag Sector Insights

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the first ever post of ‘Food for Thought!’

My name is Sarah, and I’m an intern at FarmRaise. I’m here to share with you information that farmers care about. Whether it be about exciting new grants to how the Biden administration affects farming — this is an approachable blog where we can all learn together.

My goal for this blog series is simple: to give you the scoop on exciting financial opportunities and to highlight some game-changing decisions that you can implement on the farm. These insights will be published on a weekly basis— You won’t want to miss this!

If you’re starting from square one and are looking for ideas to expand your farming business, join me and see what you can glean! I guarantee you’ll learn something useful.

If you’re a seasoned farmer, I also guarantee you’ll learn something useful! So stick around.

Finally, if you are related to farming and want to get in contact about the FarmRaise platform, share your stories, and/or want to see certain content on this blog in the future, send me an email at

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