Easy applications for USDA Farm Loans

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USDA Farm Service Agency Loans have some of the lowest interest rates out there, starting at 1.35%. They also require a lot of paperwork. FarmRaise makes it easy to apply

How does FarmRaise get farmers Farm Service Agency loans?

Normally, FSA loans require about 30 pages of paperwork, including a farm business plan. We make this process quick and painless through a simplified application. Any farmer can come to FarmRaise, sign up for Premium, and take a quick questionnaire that gathers and organizes farm financial data. We check your eligibility for Farm Service Agency Loans and if it appears you qualify, we can help you apply. We can also check your eligibility for other types of loans, and offer 1:1 office hours to help you strategize your business plan.

What does it cost?

We charge $20 per month for FarmRaise Premium to check your eligibility and apply for loans with us (you can cancel anytime by emailing support@farmraise.com).

If you decide to accept a loan over a certain amount, we charge an additional fee. If the loan you accept is between $50K-$100K, we charge $500. If it’s over $100K, we charge $1,500. There’s no pressure to accept the loan deal (you don’t have to take any loan you don’t like), and we only charge this additional fee for a loan you accept through our service! We don’t charge this fee for loans of less than $50K.

So if I don’t want to take the loan, and I just want to check out loan rates/terms, FarmRaise costs $20 per month? And I can cancel whenever I want?

That’s right.

What other loans can I apply for through FarmRaise?

We can also help you apply for Farm Credit loans through FarmRaise.

How do I apply for loans with FarmRaise?

Sign up for FarmRaise Premium, and we’ll get you started!

I still have questions!

Great! Send Jayce an email at info@farmraise.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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