CFAP 2 is back! What does this mean for producers?

Remember the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) that offered direct payments to farmers during CFAP 1 and CFAP 2 sign up periods last year? This program is back in the spotlight as a new round of funding has been announced for eligible producers. It’s official: CFAP 2 is reopening this month.

We’re seeing an uptick in farmers posting about CFAP 2 on social media: am I eligible? Should I apply? These are important questions, and we’ve been scouring our sources to get farmers answers. Here’s what we’ve learned!

When does CFAP 2 reopen?

April 5th is the date that the USDA officially reopens its application portal. We hear it’s going to be open for at least 60 days, but as we generally advise producers, it’s smart to get your application in asap.

If I already applied for CFAP 1 or CFAP 2, can I get any money?

If you’re a cattle producer who applied for CFAP 1, you will likely be eligible to receive a “top up” payment between $7-$63 per head of cattle depending on the animal’s life stage and purpose of production. In addition, eligible row crop producers who previously applied for CFAP 2 will likely be eligible to receive a “top up” payment of $20 per acre. We’re hearing that you don’t need to reapply to CFAP to get these top ups; rather, word in the field is that these payments will be directly deposited into your bank account starting April 10th.

What if I haven’t applied for CFAP before? Can I apply now?

The good news is that if you haven’t applied for CFAP before, you may be eligible to submit an application when CFAP 2 reopens on April 5th. Eligible production types can include broilers, eggs, pullets, wool, aquaculture, dairy and livestock, row crops and specialty crops, floriculture and nursery crops, and tobacco.

How do I apply?

You can apply online through the USDA’s web portal! You can also head over to FarmRaise and we can help you apply, answer questions about your specific eligibility, and even help you estimate your total payout.

The bottom line

CFAP 2 is coming, many producers are eligible, and if you want to apply, get your application in asap!

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