A farm number, what is it and why is it important?

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What is a farm number?

A farm number is a number from USDA that identifies where your farm is located. Just like a zip code identifies a specific area’s location, a farm number identifies your farm’s location. 

Why should you get a farm number?

You are required to have a farm number to apply for USDA programs. Some of the things that require a farm number include:

  • Applying for NRCS funding like EQIP
  • Applying for FSA loans
  • Applying for FSA disaster assistance
  • Applying for USDA crop insurance
  • Participating in FSA County Committee Elections
  • You will be counted in the Agricultural Census, which means your county might receive more resources in the future!
  • A farm number gives you the chance to form a relationship with your local FSA office, which is a great local resource for farm knowledge.

How do you get a farm number?

Reach out to your local office or contact FarmRaise to get started!

  • FarmRaise partners with producers every step of the way to submit the paperwork to get you a farm number! We’ve replaced 8-12 forms of jargon-packed paperwork with a simplified, digital application experience. We can also help answer any questions you may have through 1:1 office hours.

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