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Welcome to the FarmRaise blog! Here you can read our latest findings about the farm funding landscape. We’ll break down different farm funding sources: farm grants, farm loans, and non-traditional sources like impact capital and ecosystem service payments. We’ll include tips and tricks so that you can get started on your farm funding journey on the right foot!

Our Latest: Donna Pearson McLish Gives the Scoop on Farm Grants

We sit down with Donna Pearson McLish of Common Ground in Kansas to talk about her experiences writing grants. Common Ground was just awarded an inaugural urban agriculture grant from the USDA.

Minnesota Producer Secures $250k Grant

Eric Klein shares his experience with VAPG and other grant programs, and provides some important advice for other producers in pursuing funding options.

Missouri EQIP Applications Accepted Until November 20

To apply for the 2021 EQIP program in the state of Missouri, producers should get their applications in by November 20.

Special Feature: Do Conservation Practices Pay Off?

Researchers claim that conservation practices can increase farm profitability by nearly 80%. So why aren't all farmers investing in their natural resources?

3 Ideas for Grant-Funded Farm Projects

Here our team provides some ideas to get you started on your grant and cost-share program journey!

3 Rituals to Optimize Your Farm's Profitability

Updating inventory records or capturing farm receipts may be the last thing you want to do at the end of an exhausting day, but these admin rituals can go a long way in helping you chart a path toward farm profitability.

How to Get Funding for Cover Crops on Your Farm

Learn about four resources that can help you secure funding for cover crop seed & equipment.

Unlock Federal Grant Funding for Your Farm

At FarmRaise, we’ve mapped over 40 federal grant and cost-share programs to make it easier for you to understand what you’re eligible for and how to apply. Our research has uncovered 5 key considerations you’ll want to be aware of as you navigate this landscape.

Solar Power: The Farmer's New Crop

As climatic trends shift, farmers experience volatile growing seasons, unreliable crop yields, and uncertain annual income. More farmers seek a reliable source of income to supplement what they may lose any given year. To meet this need, many farmers are dedicating portions of their land to a new crop with more predictable returns: solar arrays.

Black Farmers Matter

Through increased funding and access, Black and other underrepresented populations in agriculture will be better poised to grow their operations, increase their profitability, and invest in climate-friendly practices.