Meet FarmRaise

We are a farmer-obsessed team that gets you farm funding (grants, loans, cost-share). Our simplified farm funding app applies you for major USDA cost-share programs in less than 20 minutes. We track local and state funding programs as they open throughout the year and provide 1:1 support to help you unlock more capital.

How it works

How do I get started? You can start for free by matching with funding programs. To apply for funding, sign up for FarmRaise Premium. Our simplified application makes it easy to apply for cost-share funding and low-interest USDA loans (say goodbye to the paperwork hassle). FarmRaise can help you strategize a funding plan for your operation to make your application extra competitive. We also track 350 farm funding programs across the U.S. and send you weekly alerts so you don't miss out on a dollar of additional funding!

What's your vision? FarmRaise equips producers with financial resources to build vital farming communities that are profitable, equitable, and ecologically resilient.

How much does it cost? FarmRaise is $20/mo (cancel anytime) and offers real-time alerts on local and federal grant programs, a simplified, common app for cost-share and loans, and 1:1 farm funding support through FarmRaise office hours. If we secure you more than $50K in loan funding (this fee does not apply to cost-share or grant funding, just loans), we charge $500. If we get you more than $100K , we charge you $1,500. We only get paid if you do, and don't charge this fee for cost-share.

Is this secure? We care about your safety and security, and we've taken every step we can to protect your information. You can review our privacy policy for more information. This platform is a secure resource for you to streamline your farm funding needs and save information for future applications.

I still have questions! Check out our FAQ page or shoot us an email at info@farmraise.us. We'd love to get to know you!


The Team

Albert Abedi, Head of Product

Albert comes to FarmRaise after years of experience in software engineering and product management at Microsoft, Amazon, PivotalLabs and Expanse. Albert's vision for products that customers love ensures that FarmRaise commitment to farmer obsession will be upheld.

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Alex McLean, Sr Engineer

Alex grew up on a cattle farm in British Columba, where he also helped out on dairy and berry operations to put himself through school. After graduating from University of the Fraser Valley, Alex joined Canalyst as one of the first 10 employees and helped the company build its products and grow to over 150 employees four years later. As a Software Engineer, he architected and designed financial applications that are used by many of the major financial and wealth management institutions in North America.

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Jaya Muehlman, Farmer Success

Growing up in rural Iowa shaped Jaya’s appreciation for agriculture. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2020, where she double majored in Honors Biology and Environmental Studies. During her time in college, she volunteered at Real Food Rising, a community garden program that grew fresh produce in the middle of a food desert. Jaya also loves engaging with people and hearing their stories. Talking with farmers is her favorite part of her work with FarmRaise.

Jayce Hafner, CEO

Jayce grew up on a livestock farm in Virginia. Before FarmRaise, she invested in agriculture with SLM Partners, completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Trinidad and Tobago, and worked on environmental sustainability at Apple. Jayce has represented the Episcopal Church at the United Nations climate negotiations and founded a record-breaking conservation coalition that mobilized 100,000 citizens to advocate for the Arctic Refuge. She has an MBA/MS in Agriculture from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sami Tellatin, COO

Sami hails from the Ozarks, where she spent summers enjoying public lands, which instilled a deep value for land stewardship. Before FarmRaise, Sami published leading soil health research at the USDA, brought 1,000 stakeholders together for the SARE Program’s 30th anniversary conference, and secured a $1.5 million dollar grant for soil health adoption in the Midwest. Sami holds an MBA/MS from Stanford and has built small-scale composting and wastewater systems for farms in the US and abroad.

JC Danilovich, Partnerships

Before FarmRaise, JC was a founding member of The Nature Conservancy’s impact investing unit, NatureVest, where he structured investments generating environmental and financial returns. JC has worked all over the world, on renewable energy projects in Africa, sustainable coffee plantations in SE Asia, and as an Advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq. He has an MBA from Stanford’s GSB, an MA in War Studies from King’s College London, and a BA from Yale.

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Sarah Taylor, Farmer Success

Sarah is a proud Texan with years of direct farming experience and a lifetime of passion for the food system. She holds a degree in Earth Systems from Stanford University where she is finishing an MS in Agribusiness and Technology. Her favorite part about FarmRaise? Getting to know farmers and helping them achieve their goals on the farm.

Karthik Rao, Sr. Engineer

Karthik comes to FarmRaise after years of software development experience in building, deploying and maintaining enterprise software. As a software development consultant from Pivotal Labs, Karthik brings leading industry practices and culture to FarmRaise. He has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology.