How it works

What is FarmRaise? We are a digital platform that connects farmers to funding opportunities (grants, loans, cost-share) launching in July 2020.

How can I get started? Take the FarmRaise Eligibility Quiz to see the grants you’re eligible for, book a FarmRaise consultation to make a funding plan, and join our Launch List!

How much does it cost? Creating an individual account with FarmRaise is free. If you successfully unlock a grant through FarmRaise, we charge a small fee. We only get paid if you get paid.

Is this secure? FarmRaise has taken steps to protect your information. You can review our policies in our data privacy and terms of service. By participating in FarmRaise services (offered on and through our FormStack), you agree to abide by those terms. This platform is a secure resource for you to streamline your farm funding needs and save information for future applications.

I still have questions! Check out our FAQ page or shoot us an email at We’d love to get to know you!